Highlights of 'Rachcha' Audio Launch

Mon 12th Mar 2012 03:12 AM
Highlights of 'Rachcha' Audio Launch
Highlights of 'Rachcha' Audio Launch


Ramcharan’s ‘Rachcha’ audio launch was held yesterday evening amidst the presence of who’s who from film industry and a huge gathering of Fans. Here are the highlights of event:


Chiranjeevi’s 150th Film

Chirajnajeevi’s 150th film continued to elude his fans but the actor-turned-politician made it plain that he is looking for a good script. 

‘A good script is all that matters. Once we zero in on that, the film will take shape. We are not getting that good script and once we have it on hand, the film is done,’ he said.

Tamanna as heroine for Chiru Film

‘Recently, when I was at the shooting of ‘Rachcha,’ the talk of my new film has come up. I just asked Tamannah, who was present there…if she would act with me. She agreed. How can you act with my son Teja and with me as well was what I asked and she said…it is ok,’ said Chiru. 

Like father, Like son

Ramcharan, who pulled a muscle during a song sequence of ‘Rachcha’ is advised rest but he turned up to the audio launch and became cynosure of all eyes.

Dad Chiranjeevi was not surprised. ‘As a father I had to tell him to take rest but the artiste in me is stopping me. I too had injuries during my younger days and I gave first preference to work; that is what my boy is doing now and I appreciate that. His mother was anxious at a previous occasion when he had hidden an injury from us and when it was eventually discovered. ‘Like father, like son,’ she said when Charan said, ‘I did not tell you as it is minor injury.’ That is how we artists strive to give entertainment to our Fans,’ said Chiru.

Pawan Kalyan Absent

All the glitz and glamour apart…there were Fans of Pawan Kayan too at the ‘Rachcha’ audio function. They grew restless at one point as their favorite did not turn up.

Ram Charan pacified them saying, ‘Babai was supposed to attend the audio. As the function was postponed, he had to attend an earlier commitment and is shooting in America. He called me up in the evening to congratulate and also asked me to convey his wishes to all you Fans.’ That’s all…Fans were happy and function went on in its usual pompous way.