Nagarjuna Furious With Nani

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Nagarjuna expressed his disapproval of nani frequent phone use on set
Nagarjuna expressed his disapproval of nani frequent phone use on set

Nagarjuna furious with Nani.King Nagarjuna, a veteran actor and one of Tollywood's leading figures, is known for his professionalism and ability to navigate the industry with grace. However, his recent comments about fellow actor Nani have sparked a wave of discussion.

Nagarjuna, who has remained a star for over four decades, recently shared his observations about Nani's phone usage while filming "Devadasu," a film they both starred in. While acknowledging Nani's talent, Nagarjuna expressed his disapproval of his frequent phone use on set, deeming it a "bad habit."


A Candid Critique:

Nagarjuna described Nani's constant phone usage as a distraction, stating that he observed Nani on set frequently engrossed in his phone, even when everything was running smoothly. He described it as a "very bad habit," adding that he would have taken the phone and broken it if it were anyone else.

Nani's Response and Nagarjuna's Observations:

When questioned about this, Nani explained that he was writing down ideas or simply taking a break. However, Nagarjuna dismissed this explanation, stating that Nani's phone dependence had become a "disease" and that he needed to address it.

Nagarjuna also drew a contrast between Nani and his own sons, Naga Chaitanya and Akhil, highlighting that they maintain a healthy distance from their phones while working, using them only at home.

A Matter of Professionalism?

Nagarjuna's comments have sparked a debate about the professionalism of phone usage on set and the impact it can have on the overall filming process. While some have praised Nagarjuna's candor, others have criticized him for publicly addressing the issue.

Ultimately, Nagarjuna's comments reflect his personal views on professionalism and the importance of staying focused during film shoots. His observations about Nani's phone usage have ignited a conversation within the industry about the role of technology on set and the importance of maintaining a professional environment.