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Madhave Madhusudana Release in Theatres on the 24th

Madhave Madhusudana
Madhave Madhusudana

Tej Bommadevara and Rishiki Lokre played lead roles in the upcoming movie 'Madhave Madhusudana' produced and directed by Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao under the banner of Sai Ratna Creations. This movie is presented by Bommadevara Sridevi. 'Madhave Madhusudana' will have a grand release in theatres on the 24th of this month. On this occasion, a press meet was arranged at the Hyderabad Film Chamber.

While speaking at the occasion, actor Suman said, Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao made ‘Madhave Madhusudana' with a lot of clarity. He has a lot of experience which I saw while shooting each scene. Even though the artists are newcomers, they have performed well. Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao is introducing his son Tej as a hero with this movie. He will become a good hero. He is performing all the elements- dances, fights, emotion, and comedy well. Ramachandra Rao should make films with other heroes as well. This is a movie that can be enjoyed with the whole family. I wish everyone to go to the theatre and watch it.


Director and producer Bommadewara Ramachandra Rao said, I have 45 years of experience in the film industry. From Touchup Boy to a make-up man, I got good recognition in the industry. While working under Nagarjuna sir, I got good association with all the star directors. I used to observe how they were crafting scenes. The reason for this is that I have a desire to direct films since my childhood. I prepared a good story and approached some heroes. As I wanted to direct and produce, they may have doubts about my abilities or they might felt it risky. They did not come forward to do the film. Then I wanted to make a film with my son as the hero. After Tej was done with his studies, I started giving him training for a year. He performed well as I expected. The heroine also acted impressively. There is no vulgarity and double-meaning dialogues in the movie. The whole family can watch it together.

Journalist Prabhu said, Our journalists have been having a good relationship with Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao for decades. We call him Chandra. He has vast experience as a makeup man. This movie 'Madhave Madhusudana' is his attempt to make a good movie as a director with this experience. He made a movie with his son as a hero with a good poetic title. Looking at the content of this movie, Tej acted like an experienced actor. Also, Suman played a good role in this movie. Chandra will also be seen in a key role in this movie. I want the movie 'Madhave Madhusudana' which is releasing on 24th of this month to become a big hit.

Dialogue writer Sudarshan said, 'Madhave Madhusudana' is a beautiful love story like Chandamama. Such a love story has not come on the Telugu screen till now. The movie is well-made by Ramachandra Rao. Every craft like camera, music, and editing is the highlight of the film. Tej will become popular as a hero with this movie.

Actor Naveen Neni said, I played an important role in the movie 'Madhave Madhusudana'. All the scenes we did as hero friends were good. Thanks to Chandra Garu for giving me the opportunity to act in this movie. We enjoyed the process of doing the movie.

Actor Ravi Siva Teja said, Naveen and I have played the characters of hero friends in this movie. 'Madhave Madhusudana' will be recognized as a good movie. Chandra Garu is not only a good director but also a good human being. He treated me like a son. Tej is very professional and hardworking.

Hero Tej Bommadevara said, Thanks to Suman Garu, journalist Prabhu Garu and the media who came to bless us at our 'Madhave Madhusudana' press meet. Our movie is coming to theatres on the 24th of this month. I wish you all will watch the movie with your family and cherish it. We made a good attempt with 'Madhave Madhusudana'. Hope that effort will get your support.