Mansoor Ali Khan gives clarity on Trisha controversy

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Ali Khan statement on Trisha reaction

Mansoor Ali Khan explained his comments on Trisha
Mansoor Ali Khan explained his comments on Trisha

After witnessing Trisha Krishnan reaction against the actor Mansoor Ali Khan’s statement derogatory and misogynistic rape statement about her, the actor conveyed a written statement about the whole debacle and didn’t even use it as an apology.

The freshly released statement features an overly elaborate and misleading clarification of whatever he said and being close to the actor's own style and personality, it doesn't make a comprehensive statement in itself let alone an apt apology.


Meanwhile, Mansoor Ali Khan's latest statement released by him has only regarded himself as the victim of speech here. The actor has gone on to clarify that he had been promoting his next film and the media have edited his speech as something that he didn't mean.

Further he went on to say that he has acted in such close quarters with actresses before her in many films and had scenes where he was together with them and he meant that his words were referred to being about that only.

He went on to say that he's not a perverted person and even his daughter is a Trisha fan. He further added that he has acted in 360 films and has always respected his co-actors. Moreover, this statement has been taken aback by many as a mere meaningless addressal by the actor and it doesn't offer any sort of solace or apology to the actress.

Recently, Mansoor Ali Khan had spoken to the media about actress Trisha Krishnan during a promotion of his next film. The actor, while discussing his previous film, Leo starring Thalapathy Vijay and Trisha Krishnan in the lead roles, said that he was disheartened not being able to have any scenes together with the actress.

Further he  highlighted that he thought he would have had a bedroom scene with Trisha in the movie just like how he had scenes with many actresses back in the 90s and early 2000s. He reiterated that he would have loved to do a rape scene like that with Trisha Krishnan.