Dunki releases new poster on Diwali

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Dunki gives early Diwali treat

Shah Rukh Khan Dunki releases new poster on Diwali
Shah Rukh Khan Dunki releases new poster on Diwali

Dunki releases new poster on Diwali. Shah Rukh Khan recently revealed two captivating posters for his highly-anticipated film, Dunki, in an Instagram post that had fans buzzing with excitement. Alongside powerhouse talents Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal, Shah Rukh showcased the movie's essence in these vibrant visuals, each unveiling a unique facet of the narrative.

Dunki new power on Diwali

The initial poster encapsulated a joyous Diwali celebration, featuring Shah Rukh leading the way on a scooter, accompanied by Taapsee and Vikram Kochhar. Anil Grover, exuding warmth, pedaled joyously on a cycle adorned with a 'Happy Diwali' sign, forming a delightful ensemble on the move.


In the subsequent poster, Vicky Kaushal joined the ensemble as they gathered in a classroom setting. The blackboard behind them bore the words 'yeh naya saal apno ke naal (this new year is dedicated to your close ones),' hinting at the heartwarming camaraderie and shared aspirations within the narrative.

Accompanying these vibrant posters was Shah Rukh's heartfelt note, underscoring the essence of togetherness in celebrating festivals. His words beautifully conveyed the film's core message, emphasizing that the true joy lies in walking together, staying united, and celebrating life's moments collectively.

According to the official synopsis, Dunki weaves a touching narrative of love and friendship. It unravels a heartfelt journey of friends venturing far from home to pursue a transformative dream, promising a deeply moving and impactful storytelling experience.

The film, a collaborative effort by JIO Studios, Red Chillies Entertainment, and Rajkumar Hirani Films, stands as a testament to the creative synergy of talents like Rajkumar and Gauri Khan. Penned by the proficient trio of Abhijat Joshi, Rajkumar, and Kanika Dhillon, Dunki holds the promise of being a compelling and emotionally resonant cinematic creation.

With #DunkiDrop1 unveiled, fans can anticipate the worldwide cinematic release of Dunki, scheduled for this Christmas in 2023, promising an experience that celebrates the essence of unity and the pursuit of dreams.