Mahesh's 'Thums Up' dangerous action stunts in Malaysia.

By : Uploaded at Wed 17th Feb 2010 08:34 AM | 39 photos

Tollywood super star Mahesh Babu enthralls his fans with daredevil action stunts & unbeatable smartness - All for his Bottles of Thums Up! He demonstrates the Daredevil Spirit of a Thumps Up Lover. This exciting action campaign shot in Kaula Luumpur,Malaysia also showcased Mahesh Babu performing breathtaking stunts on his Hayabusa motorbike. In his quest for his Thumps Up,Mahesh uses a combination of action and smartness to outwit all challenges,demonstrating the daredevil spirit of a Thumps Up Lover. Thums Up for Mahesh Babu.

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