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Vijayawada - Nude photos & Cyber crime.

Tue 24th Nov 2009 12:56 PM
Vijayawada - Nude photos & Cyber crime.

Jyothi, a middle class family girl is running a consultancy in Vijayawada and Hyderabad. Karthik, son of an IFS officer in Krishna District approached Jyothi regarding the processing of his educational visa to London.

Jyothi is a married woman and is eight years elder to Karthik. The relation between then even crossed friendship stage and Karthik along with his father invested some amount in the consultancy company. Later Karthik got the visa and left to London.

Now, Jyothi claims that Karthik has stolen all the data that is available in her system along with some confidential information which is between her and husband. Jyothi is also claiming that, Karthik with all her personnel photos stolen from her database is morphing them with nude photos and sending through the mails to all the office staff. Jyothi has even got the necessary evidences including the IP addresses of the mails being coming from Karthik’s university in London.

While Karthik is trying to escape from the situation saying that, “Jyothi is in love with me from long time but I don’t love her. Even then she wants the sexual happiness from me as her husband is impotent. As Iam against her in this sexual favour, she is trying to blackmail me using this trick. Coming to those nude photos, I don’t have any knowledge about them.”

Both of them were present before a regional news channel today and pleading for justice. Case has been transferred to Cyber Crimes department.

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