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Tollywood producers target star heroes remuneration.

Tue 20th Apr 2010 09:31 PM
Tollywood producers target star heroes remuneration.

As budgets of Telugu movies have increased considerably to Rs.40 crores and above creating tough situations for sustainance of Producers in the industry, Producers Council memebrs have arranged an emergency special meeting today to trace out a solution. Here are few measures suggested by Producers Council Members to cut short the budget of Telugu movies:

1.    Star Heroes, Heroines, Comedians need to cut their remuneration.

2.    Car vans should not be allowed into the studios.

3.    Personnel Assistants for Heroes, Heroines and Directors should be come down.

4.    A MoU has to be signed between Hero, Producer and Director regarding the expenditure and no. of days allocated for each movie and they should strictly adhere to it.

5.    Length of negative to be exposed must considerably come down to 60,000 feet for small budget movies and at maximum of 1.2 Lakh feet for big budgeted movies. (which is going up to 6 and 10 Lakhs feet for a big budgeted movies)

6.    No. of working days for each movie should be brought down considerably upto 60 days to 90 days. (which is found to be normally 200 to 300 days or even more)

Click this link to view, how Malluwood can teach lessons to Tollywood in this aspect of controlling the Budgets.

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