Nagababu Cautions Govt. Not to Impose Lockdown

Nagababu Warns TRS Government Not to Impose Lockdown

In light of the spread of the coronavirus virus pandemic, the Telangana CM KCR is pondering to impose a 15-day lockdown again in the GHMC area which created panic among crores of people. They are furious over the TRS government for holding meetings with the officials to impose the lockdown in two days. 

In the wake of the rumours of the lockdown, Mega Brother Nagababu posted a video message in which he expressed his annoyance with government's idea of extending strick lockdown for 15 days in the GHMC. 

"What's the actual purpose of lockdown? It contains the spread of corona. In the meantime, Proper medical equipment needs to be collected by the government. You imposed a 3-month long lockdown. That's good. People lost their livelihood in all those days. You should have gathered resources in the 3-month long period. But then, nothing of that sort happened. 

Many countries administered well even without lockdown. It's a historical blunder extending lockdown further. People will turn rebellious with the lockdowns. Not just Gandhi hospital,.permissions must be given to private hospitals. We have strong faith in you and hope you might have preserved all the resources in the 3-month long period. Right now, it's your responsibility to get people's issues solved. You should not mull over on lockdown now. 

I, on behalf of crores of people, reiterate that it would be the government's historical blunder if the lockdown is imposed again in the state. It's high time the government catered the needs of the people besides ensuring the maximum number of corona tests conducted to them," Nagababu said.