Please! Don't Troll YSRCP Kapu Leaders

They Are Requested Not to Troll YSRCP Kapu Leaders

It's learnt that some powerful critics are trolling YSRCP Kapu leaders in top Youtube channels like 'N Cube' and 'Charan TV Online'. This is highly condemnable. 

What has been the sin committed by the YSRCP Kapu leaders for that sort of criticism from powerful critics? Okay, admit that YSRCP Kapu leaders lacked ethics and shamelessly criticised Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan for demanding a white paper on Kapu Corporation funds. But then, should they be trolled just for this reason?

Admit that MLA Aamanchi has no manners due to his pempakam and used singular words on Janasena chief. For that reason, should he be trolled?

Admit that Thota Trimurthulu changes political parties before every general election. So what? He has no ethics and so he is changing the parties. Why should he be trolled for his interests?

Admit that Kurasala Kannababu is a brand ambassador for 'Kruthagnatha (Ingratitude). He earned money and fame due to Chiranjeevi and abused Pawan Kalyan. So what? as an inhumane human being he can behave like that. What's wrong with you trolling him?

Admit that Jakkampudi Raja has no common sense like his late father and so he indulged in cheap criticism on Pawan Kalyan. But then, should he be trolled just for this little cause?

Admit that Kapu leaders have never asked about 5% Kapu reservations that were lifted by YS Jagan soon after assuming power. But for this minute reason, should YCP Kapu leaders be trolled?

Admit that all these YSRCP Kapu leaders, do the job something like a slavery to YS Jagan mortgaging their caste and moral values. So what? Should they be trolled just for this petty reason?

Hence, the trollers of YCP's Kapu leaders are requested not to troll YSRCP  Kapu leaders. (Satire)