Caste Newspaper Jealousy Revealed on PV

Caste Newspaper Jealousy on PV Busted

It is a known news that 'Eena**' is the top newspaper of Telugu states. It is also a known fact that this is the best caste biased newspaper of Telugu states. The owner of this newspaper dedicated his life for the welfare of his own caste people and would always degrade the great people of other castes. 

In the meanwhile, this newspaper along with some other yellow media tried immensely for 'Bharat Ratna' award of 'Caste Biased Telugu Vaari Aaradhya Daivam' until some days ago and failed with their attempts as the union governments understood the caste bias of the yellow media houses and a yellow party of Telugu states. 

In the meanwhile, much to TS people's amusement, TRS government launched a fresh demand of Bharat Ratna award to late PM of India, PV Narasimharao. 

The yellow media houses have fallen sick with the unexpected demand of TRS. As such, the aforementioned caste biased 'Eena**' newspaper, with utmost jealousy on PV, published the late PM's 100th birth anniversary news with the heading, 'PV NI MARINTHA THELUSUKOVALI'. These were the words used by KCR in the midst of his speech in his usual flow. 

Had the newspaper no grudge on PV, the heading could have been like this. "PV KI GHANA NIVAALI', 'PV KI BHARATA RATNA' PRAKATINCHALI', "TELUGU PRADHAANI PV KI GOPPA NIVAALI' etc.

It seems its high time the TRS government took this issue to a case study so that they can checkmate the wicked caste biased people from AP.





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