Meera Chopra Complains YS Jagan, Curses NTR Fans

Meera Chopra Complains YS Jagan on NTR's Fans

Literally, senior heroine Meera Chopra is going outrageous on Young Tiger NTR's fans. The actress is unstoppable with her revolt against NTR fans. On Thursday, she complained to AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on the issue. Further, she even cursed NTR's fans that they would go lifeless with such abuses on her. Following are a series of tweets posted by Meera.

"@ysjagan @tanetivanita ive been abused of gangrape, acidattack, abused, cyberbullied and slutshamed by your state. @hydcitypolice has filed an fir and i hope for the safety of women this will investigated thoroughly," Meera tagged the tweet to YS Jagan and Taneti Vanitha. 

"Stop how?? Women has no respect? Cant we express our voice. U want me to leave people who have cursed my parents dying, threatened me with gangrape, acid attack, called me whore, pornstar. Today its me tom it will be some other girl. Nd i have spine!!

And now they have started insulting other actors.. iam sorry but who are these shameless people.. and what ate they trying to do..they dont respect anybody, forget women!!

I just wana say 1 thing, people who are abusing me are lifeless. We have bigger crisis going on with covid, people are dying all over the world. and you guys are getting petty pleasure in abusing and threatning just bcoz iam not a fan of ur fav star. Go get a life!!!," Meera Chopra tweeted.





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