Great Management! No TV Debates on NTR Fans & Meera Controversy

Great Management! No TV Discussions on NTR Fans & Meera Controversy

Did you know? Telugu TV news channels air debates and discussions even if petty issues connected with some top heroes of Tollywood. As we know, Young Tiger NTR's fans overindulged in abusive attack on actress Meera Chopra when she said she hadn't known NTR and so was not a fan of his. 

The news caught nationwide attention and several national media houses gave special reports on it. Obviously, it was expected Telugu TV channels would conduct debate for several hours on the issue. 

Strangely, the channel stayed silent as if nothing was happened. Ironically, a TV news channel which was previously run by Ravi Prakash telecast 30 minute programme on one week old Balakrishna's controvery instead of NTR fans' controversy. 

According to observers it was the best management by the PR team for not letting such debates conducted in Telugu news channels. Whatever TV channels done is extremely good. However, they should maintain the same silence when such issues are come across by other heroes and their fans.





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