Sorry, Chiranjeevi Not Hurt with Baaludu Balakrishna!

Chiranjeevi Not Hurt with Baaludu Balakrishna!

According to a 'Great' media's gossip, Megastar Chiranjeevi has stopped all his activities of CCC and even got his ongoing project Acharya postponed to September. However, as per our highly placed sources, as usually, the 'Great' website's gossip is utterly wrong. 

"Actually, Chiranjeevi's job with CCC has successfully done with the distribution of daily commodities to 14000 cine workers. Recently, the job was taken over by cinematography minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav. As minister's charity and the government's assurance sent all bright prospects of cine workers, the crisis being encountered by them has been ended. 

In the meanwhile, Acharya team is gearing up for resuming film shoot in the month of July. Once the Telangana government releases the G.O., on film shoots, team Acharya will announce the details of next schedule. 

"And coming to Balayya's issue, Chiranjeevi hasn't bothered about Balakrishna as Chiranjeevi, himself, said he won't accept others criticisms and abuses without his consent. It must be remembered that when entire media and all political parties indulged in huge uproar seeking Chiranjeevi's resignation from union minister post during fake Samaikyandhra movement, Chiranjeevi didn't move by an inch with their protests. Although Chiranjeevi appears sensitive with his gestures, he develops stoney heart when wicked people try to disturb him," they said.

"Even mega brother Nagababu, himself, countered Balakrishna ferociously, how can you feel Chiranjeevi gets hurt? In fact, In Chiranjeevi's perspective, Balakrishna is always 'BAALUDU," sources added.





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