Sridevi's Uncle Makes Shocking Revelations

Sridevi Uncle About Her Death

Fans of Sridevi still couldn't believe that she met with her death in a shocking and tragic manner. Meanwhile, her uncle Venugopal Reddy made startling revelations.

He said, "Boney Kapoor made huge losses with few flops. To come out of the debts Sridevi sold her properties. This remained as pain throughout Sridevi's life. Sridevi couldn't overcome that pain and finally lived and died with it without any peace of mind. Though she always flashed a killer smile, she suffered a mental agony in her heart".

He added "Boney Kapoor produced a film which couldn't see the arc light. Already he was under huge losses and on the verge of financial crunch. Sridevi sold her properties and to set Boney's boat in order, cleared all his debts. This resulted in Sridevi to make her comeback to films".

He revealed "Sridevi long time back got lured to many worldly temptations. She underwent two surgeries on her nose to enhance her beauty. Sridevi had a property dispute with her sister Srilatha. Two decades back she fought a legal battle with her and this resulted in not talks between both of them. Sridevi's mother underwent an operation in US. The doctors performed surgery for her brain on the wrong side resulting in her confining to bed. Sridevi filed a legal suit and Boney Kapoor supported her at that time. Sridevi helped her family members and sister Srilatha a lot financially".

He added "Sridevi's mother was against her marriage with Boney Kapoor. Mother did not treat Boney in a cordial manner and Sridevi opposed her mother to marry Boney. She faced lot of opposition and problems from Boney's first wife Mona Kapoor's son Arjun Kapoor. When Sridevi met her relatives she revealed about problems created by Arjun Kapoor. It came out that Sridevi was worried about her daughters Janhvi and Khushi's future and Boney's health and during that time she went to Dubai and passed away. People were made to believe that Sridevi died in an accidental manner".





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