Stars New Strategies To Know The Pulse

Telugu Filmmakers Strategies Over Film Titles

Whenever a new project starts, movie lovers show interest in knowing the title. The interest and craze increase if it involves top banners, stars, and filmmakers. The title plays an important role in taking the film into the minds and hearts of the people. So the makers take a lot of care while deciding a film's title.

While people may come to star heroes films irrespective of the film title, for other heroes, titles play an important part. Few makers reveal the story in the film title while others come up with interesting titles. Some even deceive people coming with titles completely not in sync with the storylines.

Some makers announce the film title at the launch of the project while some announce in the middle of it. Most of them come up with hashtags and then make a few names trending online to know the pulse of the people. If they do not get the positive response for such names, the makers come up with a clarification that they haven't decided the film title. Now the makers are coming up with working titles and most of them are following the same strategy to take the titles to the movie lovers.





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