Lockdown Disaster: Modi's Self Satisfaction with Fake Surveys?

Is It Modi's Self Satisfaction with Fake Surveys!

2-month long lockdown is said to have turned one of the major disasters in the history of India. The number of coronavirus positive cases have been spiked from hundreds to 1.25 lakhs in India while the death toll raised from zero to 3851. 

On the other side, economic system has been collapsed and crores of people have gone jobless. Middle class sections fell down to the category of poor sections. Above all, migrant workers plight knew no bounds. They walked thousands of kilometres getting the heads of the rulers hang in shame. 

The PM Modi, however, seems to be in no mood to accept the failure. Around 5 survey agencies inluding NITI Ayog have up come with interesting numbers analyzing the status of the country with lockdown and without lockdown. 

According to NITI Ayog, a total of 14.29 lakhs could have been infected with corona positive cases had the lockdown not been implemented. And the death toll could have been raised from 37000 to 78000. The reports of Boston group, PHFI, some economists and retired scientists also revealed some 'Kaaki Lekkalu' on 'without' lockdown. 

Let's hope the union government should contemplate the consequences before taking any major decision that affects the lives of all sections of people.





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