Pawan Should Take Action on Them Not on Nagababu

Pawan Should Take Action on Rapaka and JD, Not on Nagababu

Admit that not all people have same levels of IQ. People who possess low levels of IQ can't understand the strategies of political parties.

Meanwhile, it's learnt that a few Janasena activists who have low levels of IQ have innocently demanded Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan to take an action on Mega Brother Nagababu for making remarks on Nathuram Godse. 

On the contrary, Janasena activists with higher order IQ levels argued Pawan Kalyan should take action on Janasena's single MLA Rapaka and CBI former JD Lakshmi Narayana. 

"In fact, Nagababu officially declared the views expressed by him are purely personal. As such, there is no point taking an action against him. As a matter of fact, the major damage was done by JD and Rapaka. 

Rapaka, who was inclined towards YSRCP made lot of flattery on the party and castigated Janasna chief. Likewise, JD criticized Pawan Kalyan making a comeback to films. In spite of their criticism, Pawan Kalyan has never taken an action against them," they made it clear.





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