TTD Properties Auction! YCP Smashing Hinduism: Kanna

Kanna Says YSRCP Destroying Hinduism

"Ever since assuming power, YSRCP has been alleged to have hurt the feelings and beliefs of Hindus," claimed by oppositions.

"Publicity posters of particular religion on Tirumala buses, distributing free money every month to the people of particular religion connected to religious places and ignoring the distribution of free money to Purohits deliberately are some of the suspicious stands of the ruling party," oppositions alleged. 

And now, like never before, TTD has decided to put a public auction to its properties whom the board claimed "un-viable and non-maintainable' properties of TTD from Tamil Nadu state. Also, teams have been constituted for the auction. 

APBJP's president Kanna Lakshminarayana, however, has taken a dig at the YSRCP government for letting TTD auctions its properties. "Who gave you right to dispose off the properties of the TTD? These are the offerings of the devotees just to get them managed by the TTD. It seems there's a conspiracy behind it to suppress the Hinduism. BJP will fight relentlessly against the government on its stand on the TTD," Kanna affirms.

"టిటిడి ఆస్తులు అమ్మే హక్కు మీకు ఎక్కడిది? వెంకన్నకి భక్తులు ఇచ్చిన ఆస్తిని నిర్వహించడానికి మాత్రమే హక్కు ఉన్న మీరెలా వేలం వేస్తారు.? దీని వెనుక హిందుత్వాన్ని అణగదొక్కే కుట్ర దాగి ఉందనే అనుమానం ఉంది.టీటీడీ విషయంలో ప్రభుత్వ వైఖరిపై బిజెపి రాజీ లేని పోరాటం చేస్తుంది," tweeted Kanna.





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