Rana Reveals His Romantic Story

Rana Love Story With Miheeka Bajaj

Hot Hunk Rana Daggubati who got engaged to his girlfriend Miheeka Bajaj while interacting with Manchu Lakshmi revealed his romantic story.

On how he proposed to Miheeka he said, "I know Miheeka for a long time. She is Venkatesh Babai's daughter Ashrita's classmate and her good friend. I knew her in that manner. Her house is also near to our house. When it comes to marriage everyone thinks in a various manner and then take a decision after a lot of thinking. But when a person enters one's heart, all those calculations go away. I feel the same after I started loving Miheeka".

Rana continued saying, "Miheeka did some magic. Her smile, way of speaking, deeds all are similar to my thinking. I felt that she is my life. When I decided to propose to Miheeka, I did not take much time. I finished off in a simple manner. I thought about it for a day and after that spoke with Miheeka over the phone and later met her personally. I proposed my love for her in one word. Miheeka who was in a state of shock later agreed and then she became happy".

Rana revealed, "Contrary to everyone's thinking, we are not yet engaged. It was just a Roka event that happened two days back. We have some time for exchanging rings. A person who is about to get married at a small age may have some fear or anxiety. But since I grew up, I feel I am not having such feelings".





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