Tollywood Hates AP, Loves TS, But Why?

Tollywood Support To Telangana, Not To AP

Tollywood celebs it seems are showing discrimination between two Telugu states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It is more than a year since the new government was formed in Andhra Pradesh. However none of the celebrities are bothering Andhra Pradesh. This because most of them in Tollywood are the supporters of TDP and Chandra Babu Naidu. The remaining are supporters of Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena and only a few YSRCP supporters are there. That was the reason why not many Tollywood celebrities wished Jagan when he came to power and this resulted in a huge controversy.

After that few celebrities met Jagan in a silent manner. When Chiranjeevi sought Jagan's appointment during Sye Raa film, he invited Chiranjeevi for a luncheon along with his wife. Though Tollywood is ignoring Andhra Pradesh, Jagan has been responding favorably.

He has been giving permission to stars for extra shows for their films. But Tollywood is looking for other ways and this is resulting in criticism.

Rumors are spreading that during COVID crisis, Tollywood formed its own trust CCC rather than donating to CM relief fund and they diverted the funds. Even for the permission for film shoots and theatres releases, Tollywood biggies are holding discussions with the Telangana government and completely ignoring the Andhra Pradesh government.

YSRP leaders brought this to the notice of Jagan and have been advising that a soft approach towards opportunists in Tollywood will not help the state. They say that though shootings and other things are happening in Telangana, filmmakers get more profits from Andhra and Ceded as there are more theatres in Andhra Pradesh.

So they are requesting Jagan to follow strict rules regarding theatres as theatre mafia is rampant in the industry. They feel if the AP government is tough regarding theatre canteens, DRC issues, Tollywood will realize that there is a government in Andhra Pradesh or else it will behave in this insulting manner. A producer, YSRCP supporters promised to reveal the inside happenings in Tollywood to Jagan. They are of the opinion that if the AP government is tough regarding theatres, Tollywood celebs will come to their knees, as fake collections, fake records would be stalled. some producers say since Jagan is handling cinematography ministry, they are not able to respond.





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