Film Industry Faced Similar Situation Earlier

Indian Film Industry Struggles During World War

People are witnessing unprecedented situations with the entire film industry across the country came to a standstill. Films releases got stalled, shootings stopped, theatres shutdown with everything, and everyone going into the lockdown mode due to coronavirus.

This is not the first time the film industry faced such a grave crisis. During the second world war, the film industry suffered in a similar manner. During the world wars, the Indian film industry faced a similar situation. India's first feature film Raja Harishchandra came in 2913 and the world war started in 2914 and went on for 4 years till 1918. During that time the nascent Indian industry did not even get streamlined. Even the silent films which used to get imported from France, Holland, Germany got stopped. Even after the war, due to denial of permissions, unable to watch the best films across the world, the Indian film industry missed the golden chance to rub shoulders with the world film industry.

During 1940s talkies started and at the same time, the second world war started in 1939 and continued till 1945. With the resignation of Congress Government in Madras Presidency, censoring became even tougher. Patriotic scenes were mercilessly chopped. Restrictions were imposed on films and film equipment during the wartime. This decreased film production. With rationing for petrol, current cuts and slashing of railway concessions, many Telugu producers and directors stopped film production temporarily and vacated Madras and went to their native places in Andhra. Many studios got closed and some shifted due to fear of war. Some studios started operating from Karaikudi, Vijayawada, etc.

Director, producer Mirjapuram Raja, owner of Sobhanachala Studios shifted from Madras and Vijayawada. They erected temporary sheds in his vast fields. They shot the entire Sasnsara Naradi in the fields in 1944. Filmmakers at that time done away with songs and dances and promoted patriotism.

KV.Reddy's first film Bhakta Potana also got affected due to the second world war. The makers completed 3/4th film and due to fear of war vacated from Madras and went to Tadipatri. They came back to Madras after some time and completed the film.

BN.Reddy's Bhanumati starrer Swarga Seema in 1946 adhered to 11000 duration restriction. It introduced Ghantala as a playback singer and Marcus Bartley as the cinematographer.





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