NTR & Charan Fans Doubts on Confusing Looks!

RRR: NTR & Charan Fans Doubts on Confusing Looks!

RRR title logo and the motion poster made movie lovers elated to the core. Most of the fans of Young Tiger NTR and Mega Power Star Ram Charan have also gone jubilant. 

But then, a few keen observers from Mega and Nandamuri fans have become dubious about the confusing looks of NTR and Ram Charan. With the best of everyone's knowledge, Komuram Bheem is seen in shirt and trousers while Alluri Seetharamaraju wears pancha kattu. 

In a mere contrast, Young Tiger, who played Komuram Bheem in the film, is seen in pancha kattu while Mega Power Star, who sported Alluri Seetharamaraju, is seen in shirt and trousers. 

Obviously, fans of both the heroes are suspecting if NTR played Alluri's role and Charan played Komuram Bheem. On the other hand, some cooked up stories are circulating on net which say, NTR goes to manyam in Alluri's getup and Charan guises in Komuram Bheem's getup. If this cooked up story is proved right, NTR and Ram Charan's fans might get disappointed to some extent. 

However, Rajamoul's master mind is beyond everyone's speculations. Let's see what's the story behind the outfits worn by NTR and Ram Charan in the film.





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