Romantic Secrets Of Rana, Vijay Deverakonda

Tollywood Stars Romantic Secrets

Lovers across the world are celebrating Valentine's Day today in the most romantic manner. In the midst of all this, Tollywood stars shared their romantic secrets.

Hot Hunk Rana when asked to define love, said "I do not know that much. This because I never thought about it". This came as a surprise as Rana is the most eligible bachelor in the country.

Keerthi Suresh said “I have a lot of respect for love and love marriages. My parents' marriage is love marriage and I know the beauty in that relation. I cannot say whether my marriage will be love or arranged. But one need not be surprised if it happens to be a love marriage. I do not have any experience of love stories and love letters in the college days. However, after coming to films, I got a love letter and from a fan. He made a notebook collecting all my photos and sent me a marriage proposal. All these are sweet memories".

Rashi Khanna says "I received my first love letter during my school days. My senior gave me a love letter with a rose. That is just a cute love but later I grew up away from love and that environment. I am not against Valentine Day celebrations and in fact, I love such celebrations. A day should be there to express love and share the feelings of the heart. Feb 14 provides that opportunity. However, to be in love, one day is not enough. All the 365 days belong to love".

Vijay Deverakonda said "Till sometime back I never had any opinion on love. I know guys who fall in love with the same intensity after suffering a break up with a girl. After seeing them I used to wonder ' What kind of love is this". But slowly my confidence in love started increasing. Love is the beautiful feeling of someone for us. I never wrote any love letters to others but I am getting many. Girls are coming after finding my house address. They are giving love letters and gifts to watchmen and are leaving. I am saving all of them like a precious treasure".

Kajal says "A person's life is incomplete without love. The entire life is filled with love. Life's journey is all about the quest for true love. One cannot say when one gets it. Till now I haven't experienced it. I got a lot of love proposals. Before I became an actor, a guy ran after me. He is a good friend. However, I told him ' This is not the right age to love and later I got busy that I find no time to love".

Nithin said “I do not have love stories or wrote love letters during college days. However, I am marrying the girl I love. I am getting married in April and so this Valentines' Day is a little special. Frankly speaking, I do not believe in such days. However, all of us are in a busy life and do not have time even for love. Under these circumstances, it is important to spare some time for persons we like and people who love us. These valentine days help us in this".

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