Shock: That State's Judges Casteists!

That State's Judges Casteists!

There is a country named Pingodia (name changed). 'Caste Sthan' (name changed) is one of the states of the country. Did you know, politicians of one particular caste would rule the state until a couple of months ago. 

Although, that caste's percentage is very less from the total population, that caste dominated in many sectors. Even then, there could be no regrets from the people. However, the problem arises only when that caste's top politicians want to dominate the state forever suppressing the people of other castes. 

Fortunately, all the people of the state understood the selfish and wicked ideology of the caste party and defeated them in the previous elections. And more fortunately, a good samaritan who wishes the welfare of all sections assumed the power as a CM. He recently, decided to decentralise the development. 

The casteists were threatened by the CM's decision. Eventually, they have started using all their weapons such as yellow media and even judiciary. It's learnt that some judges and lawyers of the same caste turned casteists and have decided to give verdict against the good CM and his decisions. Since the CM has great affection showered by the people, none of the judges is expected to do any harm to the CM and his decisions.





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