Disco Raja’s Shades Fail To Dazzle

Disco Raja’s Different Shades Fail To Dazzle

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja after a long break following the disasters streak like Touch Chesi Choodu, Amar Akbar Antony, Kick 2 and Nela Ticket has come up with a sci-fi entertainer Disco Raja.

Many got excited when he teamed with VI Anand known for his novel narration for Disco Raja. People got interested as Ravi Teja surprised with his retro look as Disco Raja. However after watching the film, people felt that Disco Raja’s different shades failed to dazzle. Except for the looks and Ravi Teja’s few mannerisms, he looked old and monotonous.

The scenes involving Ravi Teja coming alive after 35 years and memory loss, looked similar to Natasimha Balakrishna’s Lion and many other earlier Tollywood films. To the top of it, rumors have it that the makers after the similarities between Disco Raja and Samantha’s Oh Baby which is a Korean film Miss Granny remake, planned to shelve the project.

Before Oh Baby, the makers planned to show Ravi Teja in the old avatar in the father role but after Oh Baby release, feared that there would be similarities, made changes in the script and so showed him in the younger look in retro avatar dancing to the disco tunes of Bollywood music.

This was the reason why the film which was supposed to release as a X Mas treat last year got delayed and finally hit the screens today.





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