Harish Satire on That Hero on Collections

Harish Shankar Satire on That Hero on Film Collections

It is a known news that collections war is going on between two big films released for this Sankranthi season. While one film scored an industry hit, another film stood as a super hit in Telugu states but was a failure in Overseas. Even then, super hit film's hero refuses to accept his defeat such that he ensures fake collections released by the film's team. Since overboard abnormal numbers are recorded, industry hit film's team has also inevitably released fake numbers to prove that their's is the biggest hit. 

In the wake of the collections war between two films, crazy young director Harish Shankar posted a tweet in his Twitter handle which is a direct satire on one hero. 

"నేనూ గెలవాలి ....All the Best, నేను గెలవాలి .... Ok..... నేనే గెలవాలి .... Sorry Boss.... ," Harish tweeted. 

According to the observers, Harish's satire connected to the hero who scored the super hit film. With the help of two clues, we can understand whom did Harish target. Checkout the following clues.

Clue 1: Harish worked with industry hit film's hero before.

Clue 2: Industry hit hero expressed his wholehearted wishes to super hit hero during the pre release event of his film. But then, super hit film's hero hasn't uttered even a single word about industry hit hero till date, due to ego issues.





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