Council Abolition! Super Stroke to TDP!!

Legislative Council Abolition! Super Stroke to TDP!!

The AP government is bound and determined to its 3 capitals plan. And the government is fuming over the way the TDP's leaders spoiled the fray at legislative council. The speaker, himself, paid deaf ear to YCP's protests and was impelled by TDP's demand to send three capitals bill to the select committee. 

And now, the ruling YCRCP is mulling over to abolish the AP legislative council to checkmate the spoiled strategies of the TDP. Since the TDP has more strength in the upper house than the YSRCP, many of the bills are being thrown to trash bins by the house. 

The CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, on Thursday, said in the assembly that it'd be waste of money incurring Rs.60 crore on legislative council. To get his argument defended, the CM divulged the fact that the upper house stays active in only six states of India which include Telugu states, UP, Bihar, Karnataka and Maharashtra. 

There will be a special assembly session on Monday to discuss the abolition of the house. It's believed that the lower house would resolve an abolition of the legislative council and would send the resolution to the union government. 

Nevertheless, it would take six months to one year to get the resolution accepted by the parliament. In such case, YSRCP's strategy can't get worked out. Provided that, it's expected the YSRCP initiates a mission to woo TDP's MLCs to defect the party and to join YSRCP. In such case, YCP will automatically dominate in the council. 

And lastly, even if the above strategies aren't worked out, then the CM may continue his activities from Vizag so that the secretariat would get shifted to the steel city willy-nilly.





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