Chinese Will Crush Him For His Crap

RGV Promoting Enter The Girl Dragon In China

Ram Gopal Varma is known to reach the safe zone by coming up with a room on controversial subject, creating hype on it with his posts on social media before releasing the film and enter into the safe zone with the openings however bad the film may be. His recent release Amma Rajyamlo Kamma Biddalu for disaster talk and negative reviews has almost reached the safe zone.

Now RGV is getting ready for his next, a Hollywood film Enter The Lady Dragon. He is promoting the film as a tribute to his idol and international legend Bruce Lee. He launched the film’s trailer internationally flying to China.

Everyone knows the new lows reached by RGV in India. No one is caring RGV but Chinese seems to. Unaware of it as RGV is promoting Enter The Girl Dragon across the country in full public gaze.

Seems Chinese are over the moon with RGV claiming his film to be a tribute to Bruce Lee. Telugu people are saying if RGV arranges a special screening of Amma Rajyamlo Kamma Biddalu to the Chinese, they will run scared knowing the true colors of RGV.





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