Producers Getting Beautiful Shocks

Heroines Troubling Producers With Expensive Demands

Filmmaking involves 24 crafts like Hero, heroine, villain, music director, cinematographer, editor and the producer has all the enormous responsibility of assembling all of them by arranging all the finances.

Gone are the days when producers are used to be getting immense respect. Now their situation is worse than that of cashiers. All the producers share their sorrow stories with sobs. Everyone has to give in to the heroes demands while now heroines too are making producers dance to their tunes.

Producers are running scared at the mere mention of heroines. With tears rolling in their eyes they are saying that casting Bollywood, Mollywood, Sandalwood and Kollywood beauties is increasing their budget immensely.

That say maintaining them with flight tickets, bearing the expenses of her mother or father, receiving them only in Innova vehicles, arranging accommodation in Star hotels along with special treatment, bearing their makeup charges, expenses of her staff, increases the film budget. What is shocking all is heroines are charging producers for washing her under wears and also stay free charges too. This shows the pitiable life of the producers.





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