Pretty Beauty Brands Them As Prostitutes

Poonam Kaur Severe Comments On Media

Former Miss Andhra Pradesh, Poonam Kaur for all her red hot looks, failed to reach the next level of stardom as luck didnot favor her. Of late she has been hogging the media limelight for her controversial posts.

Recently her post supporting encounter of criminals in Disha case and the use of words 'Rendu Bettam Debbalu' created a huge controversy as many suspected that she was indirectly targeting Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan who faced severe criticism for seeking 'Rendu Bettam Debbalu' for the rapists as punishment. With Poonam deleting the post within minutes, angered Pawan Kalyan fans and print and electronic media came with articles that Poonam targeted Pawan Kalyan though she didnot mention his name anywhere in the post.

Meanwhile, Poonam turned furious and went hammer and tongs on the media. She said prostitutes are better than presstitutes who are spreading rumours about her tarnishing her image. Here are her controversial posts.

Attention plz,have always observed that when ever I am doing my interest of work mostly regarding social activity at any level n I am intensely busy,there are these group of media ppl who spread fake news in my name,I don’t understand know this physco behaviour.just ignore .thanx

Elections are over .... they did all the damage that they can to me now my family ... but they (idiots who spread fake articles )....still are insecured ....particularly targeting me n certain personality shows how cheap one can get. Such ppl are losers #soldmedia . #presstitutes

Woman who sells her body for survival is much better than these #presstitutes n #politicians who are incapable ,weak ,insecured ,disgusting n can do nothing good for their surroundings leave about becoming leaders . Destructive attitudes..shallow people cancer for society ."

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