Chiru, Pawan Raised Their Voice, That's Enough

Tammareddy Bharadwaj Comments On Stars, Fans

The growing atrocities on women with increasing alacrity across the country is shocking all. What is surprising is mischief mongers are not even leaving celebrities.

Under these circumstances, director and producer Tammareddy Bharadwaj came up with a sensational and shocking attack on stars and their fans.

When asked why celebrities are raising their voice in full public gaze against the atrocities on women, he said "One statement from Mega Star Chiranjeevi will make a powerful impact. There is no need for everyone to issue statements. Everyone is sad and ashamed of the atrocities. I feel and question, are we in such a sad state that we cannot even punish the criminals of Nirbhaya. If we attack the country, we are branded as traitors. Why were they not punished even after seven years? Are we helpless and our country helpless? What can celebrities talk about it? Already Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, and others raised their voices against them. What impact will we create if we talk? What can we do except expressing our solidarity and condolences."

Tammareddy then launched a blistering attack saying "This shameless society competes to take selfies with celebrities. More than those saddened by the Disha's murder, many are competing to take selfies. If shameless fans don't compete to take selfies, celebrities will come out in open and raise their voices. Whenever celebrities come out, irrespective of the situation, fans shout zindabad etc. That is the reason celebrities are ashamed to comeout in public.

The entire blame lies with the fans. When their stars are saddened and shocked with these incidents, fans should also feel sad but why should they shout zindabad slogans in front of the saddened family members."

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