Pawan Never Did Telugu Elevation Films

Is It Pawan Kalyan's Hypocrisy on Telugu Films?

Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan hasn't given up his fight against English medium government schools. He made a sensational comments on Telugu actors and writers at a meeting of Telugu pandits. 

"Telugu heroes may or mayn't know how to speak. But then, most of them surely don't know how to write. Our writers have also no good knowledge and command over Telugu. Had they got mastery over the language, many more master pieces could have been made by our film makers," Pawan Kalyan took a dig at Telugu actors and writers. 

Besides, Pawan Kalyan lamented on deteriorating status of Telugu language in films. According to him Telugu cinema status has been grounded with filthy language being used by the actors in films. 

Though Pawan Kalyan's remarks appear true to some extent, he turned hypocrite as usually. Western culture and styling were given prominence in most of his films. Many of his films have songs penned in English and Hindi. None of the films of Pawan Kalyan proclaims the importance of Telugu. 

As of now, Pawan Kalyan hasn't done any mythological, historical and fantasy roles of yesteryears kingdoms. His school of films confined to romance and mass elements of current generation. The language used by Pawan Kalyan was only an ordinary language but not 'Grandhika Telugu'. Hiding all these facts, Pawan Kalyan is making a hue and cry on  English medium just to gain political advantage.