TDP & Janasena Joint Strategy for 2024!

TDP and Janasena Joint Strategy for 2024!

YSRCP's stunning victory with 151 MLA seats astonished everyone including the heads of Janasena and TDP. For time being, YS Jagan appears to be one and only giant personality in AP politics. 

On the other hand, TDP has lost people's faith and belief completely. Moreover, the party's leader Chandrababu Naidu is getting too older to politics while his son Nara Lokesh couldn't prove himself as a leader. Janasena, on the other hand, couldn't gain people's belief in the elections. 

Maybe above factors prompted TDP and Janasena joined their forces together to battle against YSRCP.  Never ever in his political career, Pawan Kalyan has gone too harsh against CBN. CBN, who has gone panic with the humiliating defeat, is craving for an alliance with Janasena now. Pro TDP's yellow media houses too are giving good coverage to Pawan Kalyan's speeches and public meets. 

De facto, Janasena and TDP combo proved a deadly combo in 2014's elections. Perhaps, TDP and Janasena wish to repeat the same magic in upcoming local body polls and 2024 general elections. 

In such case, how will both the parties share their seats in 2024? It's felt almost all seats from Godavari districts and a good number of seats in North Andhra region will be given to Janasena by TDP. If at all the combo gets a victory in the political battle, the CM post may be shared by both the leaders on 50-50 basis or the party that wins maximum seats occupies the CM chair. Whatever it is, we are going to witness TDP and Janasena's joint agitations against YSRCP in next couple of years.