She Scared Of Balakrishna, Babu

Sanghavi about Balakrishna, Mohan Babu

Yesteryear actress Sanghavi during her hay days gave sleepless nights with her beauty treat on silver screen. She shared screen presence with Venaktesh in Sarada Bullodu, Suryavansam, Nagarjuna in Seetharamaraju, Chiranjeevi in Mrugaraju, Balakrishna in Samarasimha Reddy, Goppinti Alludu, Rajinikanth in Baba and Kamal Haasan in Panchatantram.

Speaking to scribes, she said "During Samrasimha Reddy shoot, I was extremely scared of Balakrishna. Many told me to be careful about Balakrishna as he gets angry easily. One day when I was sitting, he asked 'Entamma.. silent ga koorchunnav, emi matladatam ledu'. I told him the reason. He then told me 'Ala emi ledu. Nenu roju yoga, walking chesta. kopanni chala controllo pettukunna', from then on I was jovial with him in the sets."

Sanghavi continued," In one scene I have to slap him. But I was scared whether Balakrishna fans will hit me if I slap their hero on screen. Though they know that it was just acting, they may ask 'nuvvu ela maa heroni kodatav'. But Balakrishna convinced me and encouraged me to slap him."

Sanghavi said she is also scared of Mohan Babu and that was the reason she did not do his blockbuster film Pedarayudu. She said of the current lot she likes Prabhas, Mahesh Babu and among heroines Keerthy Suresh and Nayanthara.

She said she had no courage to propose either to Balakrishna or Nagarjuna.





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