Akhil Experiencing F Effect

Akhil Unable To Find Heroines

Young Hero Akkineni Akhil for all his handsome and charming looks failed to score a single hit in his first three attempts. This came as a shock to Akkineni fans as they expected him to become the next super star and Akhil too started making the right noises when he endorsed top brands getting national recognition even before the release of his debut film.

Akhil is currently starring in the direction of Bommarillu Bhaskar. The makers waited for long to finalize heroine opposite Akhil but with none of the heroines showing interest, they started the regular shoot and started filming scenes pertaining to Akhil.

Sources say top heroines are not showing interest in romancing Akhil as they are considering him as a flop hero. They are of the opinion that Akhil is unable to get even Rs 15 crs on his own. Even little established heroines are demanding the producers what they will get if they romance a flop hero. Unable to refuse the offer, they are scaring the producers with their shocking demands.

However, Nagarjuna and Akhil asked the producers to try for a top heroine. The makers too are doing the same as heroine's role is getting more importance as per the story.





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