Uncle Clarifies On Prabhas Political Entry

Krishnam Raju On Prabhas Political Entry

Ever since Young Rebel Star Prabhas's stardom increased across the country thanks to Rajamouli's magnum opus Baahubali, rumors started spreading about his political entry.

There were reports that before the general elections, BJP especially tried to convince Prabhas to campaign for the party through his uncle Krishnam Raju who is in the party.

But nothing materialized and now during Saaho promos, many asked Krishnam Raju the same question about Prabhas' political entry.

Krishmam Raju clarified them saying, “It is too early to talk about Prabhas' political entry. Prabhas is not confined to only Andhra Pradesh or Telugu people. Had he confined to just AP and India, that is different but now he is an international star.

I am close to Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh and I share 25years bonding with PM Modi. When I was MP, he was the party general secretary. With that closeness I introduced Prabhas to them and nothing else. I do not have any target of introducing Prabhas into politics. I discuss politics with him as a friend. He has lot of time to think about politics."

Even Prabhas' aunt, Krishnam Raju's wife Shyamala Devi echoed the same views.





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