Shocking Analysis On Stars Accidents

Why Accidents To Stars In Tollywood?

Tollywood of late is getting numerous shocks with top stars suffering injuries while shooting in the sets. Ram Charan, NTR, Gopichand, Venkatesh, Naga Shourya, Sharwanand, Sundeep Kishan and Varun Tej got injured while shooting for their upcoming entertainers.

Popular astrologer Pandit B Sai Sharma of Vedamata Sri Gayatri Peetham (Sri Shirdi Sai Jyothishyalayam) of Visakhapatnam came with shocking analysis on accidents to Telugu stars.

He said the reason for accidents is due to Ravi Kuja's presence in the Mithuna Rasi. This makes helpful for Shukra in Mithuna Rasi resulting in accidents.

Though Ravi Kuja entered Simha Rasi, accidents are still happening as Asthama Sani is in Mithuna Rasi. Though it will enter in January, it starts showing effect six months before. Tula Rasi people too get affected but with Sani being friendly, their chances of getting affected are minimal.

Dhanu Rasi too has elinati sani and they will also be in danger of suffering from accidents. If any person is suffering severe injuries or accidents, one should have a look at their stars.

They will invariably fall in Mithuna Rasi, Makara Rasi and Kumbha rasi. Since the film industry goes by sentiments and believes in astrology, this in-depth analysis is done.





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