Mahesh's Daughter Bullies Her Brother

Sitara bullies Gautham

Super Star Mahesh Babu's daughter Sitara is fast overtaking her illustrious dad with her cute looks and expressions, thanks to her mother Namrata Shirodkar who is sharing her videos on social media quite regularly. Her videos in which she was seen dancing to her father's hit songs are going viral on social media.

In the meantime Namrata speaking to scribes says Sitara has her own favorite star and she is YouTuber Leah Ashe. She says Sitara wants to be exactly like this unknown girl.

Namrata revealed Sitara is Papa's girl and bullies her brother Gautham all the time. She added while Gautham is calm and quite just like his father Mahesh, Sitara is a drama queen who loves to sing and dance.

She however made clear that neither she nor her husband Mahesh has any plans for Sitara and Gautham and they have all the freedom to do whatever they like. She thinks that there is no paparazzi chasing star kids just like in Bollywood.

Namrata said if Sitara wants to be an actress she can as her grandfather Krishna is an iconic figure and both parents are actors.





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