Evaru Secrets Revealed

What Is Regina In Evaru?

Adivi Sesh's upcoming entertainer Evaru directed by debutante Venkat Ramji which is releasing on August 15th is generating tremendous interest among movie lovers.

Regina Cassandra, Naveen Chandra and Murli Sharma are playing important roles in the film. Regina speaking to scribes revealed the secrets of Evaru.

She said she plays the role of a rape victim Sameera who inturn gets a shock when she was accused of a murder. Revealing the highlight of the film, she said the film talks about the stigma faced by the rape survivors.

She said the film covers how a rape victim gets tormented by the society and people who shift the blame on her. She said the moment director narrated the story, she visualised her role to have a short hair but Ramji was sceptical. She revealed that however later Ramji was happy with her choice.

Ramji revealed that for a train scene in Connoor, she shot in biting cold remaining soaking wet for 12 hours. Regina revealed her character Sameera is a strong, fiercy personality. The makers say Evaru has many twists and one cannot guess the ending.





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