Mystery Over Sridevi's Death Intensifies

Sridevi Death: Shocking revelations from an IPS officer

Legendary actress Sridevi's death in a suspicious manner falling in a bathtub in her hotel room in Dubai left all stunned and tear struck. Though Dubai cops carried out subsequent investigation and closed the case as an accidental death, still many of her fans are unable to believe Sridevi's death was natural.

Under these circumstances, Rishiraj Singh, an IPS officer from Kerala made sensational revelations. In his article, he quoted many inputs given by  forensic expert Dr Umadathan regarding Sridevi's mysterious death.

Rishiraj said, "Dr Umadathan has played a crucial role in solving several cases. It was due to my curiosity that I asked Umadathan about the death of Sridevi. Umadathan told me that the chances of an accident are pretty low in this case, and he made it clear that Sridevi's death could be a murder. Even though a person has drunk heavily, he or she will not drown in just one-foot water. Without any external force, no one will die in a bathtub due to drowning."

Umadathan came with several books like 'Science in the Detection of Crime', 'Investigation of Unnatural Death'; 'Practical Forensic Medicine', 'Forensic Medicine for the Police' and his Malayalam book  'Oru Police Surgeonte Ormakkurippukal' (Memoirs of a police surgeon), is widely considered as a reference book for forensic surgeons in Kerala.





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