Is She Reason for Team India's Defeat?

Is Anushka Reason for Team India's Defeat?

India's defeat in world cup semis threw all  Indians into a state of melancholy. While analysts are dissecting India's flaws in losing the game, some people, who have great faith on superstitions and false beliefs, are coming up with strange analyses on India's failure in the game. 

According to Bollywood's critic Kamaal Khan, Indian skipper Virat Kohli's wife Anushka Sharma is the reason for India's defeat in the battle of world cricket. Kamaal said, Anushka watched the final match of 2015's world cup and lost the game. Likewise, she watched India-New Zealand semi final match which resulted in India's flop show in the game. 

"My 2nd simple question is this that why did #anushkasharma go to watch #SemiFinal when she knows that she is the biggest Panuati for Indian team. India did lose last World Cup also because she was watching the match.#ICCWorldCup2019," tweeted Kamaal Khan. 

Anushka's followers, however, took an immense dig at Kamaal's remarks on Anushka. "What can she do when Indian top order became a house of cards and fell down miserably," they questioned the superstitious critics like Kamaal Khan.





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