Poonam Strip promise: Will Rain Allow Her?

World Cup: Poonam Pandey Promises To Strip

Poonam Pandey is known for her red hot and sensuous poses on social media. The model turned actress who failed to sizzle on silver screen despite her glamor treat in films like Nasha (Hindi), Love is Poison (Kannada), Malini & Co (Telugu), Aa Gaya Hero (Hindi) and The Journey of Karma (Hindi), tried to get offers by promising to strip online whenever India wins at major sports events. 

She did the same and promised to strip her clothes if India wins the world cup in 2011. However she went back on her words. Now after India's thrilling win against Australia, Poonam Pandey once again tried hogging the media limelight. 

She shared her redhot snap and then promised fans to strip whenever India wins in the ongoing world cup in England. However many are wondering though Poonam Pandey promised and raring to go red hot on social media and hog the media limelight, will Rain Gods allow the ravishing beauty to have her way. 

Already rain stopped three matches and even dark clouds are hovering over India's next match against New Zealand. Poonam Pandey due to lack of offers is crossing all limits and since Twitter, Instagram and Facebook do not allow obscene content after an extent, she started her own website and app  'Poonam Pandey Private Room' and inviting people to watch her erotic snaps.





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