Same Ploy: Pawan Should Go Harsh on Them

Same Conspiracy: Pawan Should Go Harsh on CBN and Nara Lokesh

Long back, when Megastar Chiranjeevi floated PRP and was contesting in the general elections, yellow media and his opposition parties spilled venom on him alleging that he had sold out MLA and MP tickets. Strangely, Chiranjeevi and the party's leaders didn't strongly condemn the allegations which unnecessarily made those gossips trusted by then voters. 

Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan didn't learn lessons from his elder brother. When both YSRCP and TDP were aggressively campaigning that Janasena was supporting TDP, Pawan Kalyan just released a video in which he reacted quite softly. Even Jana sainiks felt if there was really a hidden tie up between Janasena and TDP. Eventually, JSP faced a huge defeat. Pawan Kalyan's soft stand on TDP surely deserves the debacle of JSP.

And now, local body polls of AP are fast approaching. Janasena has now got a golden opportunity to bounce back in political arena. As usually, conspiracy against the party was kick started by yellow media. It was read in some newspapers that Janasena and TDP will go together in local body polls to checkmate the domination of YSRCP. 

If not Pawan Kalyan let the hearsay is stopped, there will be much damage to JSP in local body polls. 

To avoid such threat, what should Pawan Kalyan do? Pawan Kalyan would always took a dig at TDP's MLA and MP candidates during his election campaigning while he didn't utter a single word harsh against CBN and Nara Lokesh. This is the high time he would go harsh on CBN and Nara Lokesh with his typical styling of words, 'Tholu theestha', 'thata theestha' or the words of same intensity. Then only, Janasena and TDP alliance rumours will be checkmated. If not, Pawan Kalyan surely would pay huge for local body polls too.





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