Pawan Can Survive with These Corrections

Pawan Should Make These Corrections

Though he was defeated miserably in the general elections, Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan still appears to be the ray of hope for future politics of AP. Furthermore, TDP's intense crisis of proper leadership appears to be a bless in disguise for Power Star among all other opposition leaders. 

Yet, Pawan Kalyan needs to get some of his mistakes corrected to emerge as the best choice for people in 2024 electoral battle. Following are the list of mistakes to be corrected by Pawan Kalyan. 

ABOUT HIS SPEECHES: Pawan Kalyan has a typical style of oratory skills which can't be advised to get changed. However, he need not be over emotive for some of the issues. He should stop using 'Thata Theestha' kind of abuses. He just needs to reduce his emotion levels a bit and should improve a subtle talk. 

ABOUT HIS LOOKS AND ATTIRES: One need not question Pawan Kalyan's traditional Telugu style of pancha kattu. That's okay. But then, there is no problem even if he appears in formal shirts an trousers. However, there are apprehensions everywhere on his bushy beard. He needs to get it shaved immediately. Instead, he can appear in light beard or cleanly shaven beard. It must be remembered that Pawan Kalyan scored mega hits with cleanly shaven look only. 

ABOUT HIS STAND ON OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES: The biggest blunder committed by Pawan Kalyan was that he had supported TDP in 2014. Moreover, he seemed to have indirectly showed soft corner on Nara Lokesh without roping in Janasena candidate in Mangalagiri. For time being, Pawan Kalyan should forget about YSRCP. There is an ample time enough to take on YS Jagan. Firstly, Pawan Kalyan should mull over to checkmate TDP's dominance over Janasena. He should maintain life time rivalry with TDP. Unless, he do it so, he cannot get emerged an alternative force of AP.  As we know, YS Jagan treated Chandrababu Naidu like the biggest rival for him and would always take a dig at TDP's blunders. In short, YS Jagan questioned 100% of administrative blunders of TDP while Pawan Kalyan questioned just 30% administrative blunders of TDP.





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