Logical Thinking: Janasena Sensation for Sure

Logical Thinking: Janasena Gets Its Best Then

All the national and state media houses unanimously asserted Janasena would win just one or none MLA seats in the general elections. Janasena activists, however, analysed the background of each media that had demeaned them. With their shocker they learnt that the psephologists from national media didn't even know the names of at least five constituencies of AP. On the other hand, state media houses are severely suffering from caste bias and which made them sentenced Janasena's utter failure in the general elections. 

At this juncture, the heads of AP's intellectual group have come up with a logical and lateral thinking on Janasena's prospects. As per their analysis, Janasena would win considerable number of MLA and MP seats with a minimum of 29% vote share. Checkout the excerpts of their analysis. 

* Janasena was quite strategic while facing elections than PRP. PRP got around 25% (excluding Telangana) of vote share then. Janasena is expected to surpass it for sure.

* People received Pawan Kalyan more as a politician and reformist than a film hero which turned as a huge advantage for Pawan Kalyan.

* Around 70% voters, who voted Janasena, didn't reveal whom they had cast their vote and which made TDP and YSRCP fell in the trap of Janasena loyalists. 

* Since media repeatedly showed the public meets and bhajana programmes of TDP and YSRCP and evaded Janasena public meets, viewers developed an intense disgust on the media. 

* TDP formed Maha Kootami with CPI, CPM and TRS in 2009.. Moreover, it was not a ruling party then. As a result, the party got more than 100 seats. YS Rajasekhar Reddy's charisma as a politician and his better governance made Congress party won 150+ MLA seats. However, TDP faced a never seen anti incumbency and which was reflected in the poll battle in 2019. The party inevitably is going to lose 25% of its vote share. On the other hand, YS Jagan is not that charismatic as his father. In such scenario, Janasena might have been benefited from both TDP and YSRCP.

* Lagadapati is one of the best casteists of AP state. He can even sacrifice his credibility for the sake of his caste. As such, he disclosed an absolutely fake survey. He degraded Janasena to his best. Even then, he predicted the party would get 10% vote share. If Lagadapati predicts 10%, it would be three times actual vote share for Janasena.

* To sum up, Janasena has great chances to show its impact on AP's political picture.





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