That’s The Problem With Boyapati!

Boyapati High Budget Stories Worrying Producers

Mass director Boyapati Srinu was one of the prime choices for star heroes. In fact, he was lauded by star director like SS Rajamouli who once said, “Boyapati, according to me is the best director when it comes to dealing mass scenes.”

When Balakrishna was going through tough times, Boyapati provided him a blockbuster in form of Simha. Legend, the second film in their combo was a much bigger hit. Analysts opined that, no other director can present Balakrishna in such massy avatar, the way Boyapati showed him in Simha and Legend.

The duo was supposed to team up for the third time and the film was announced to be launched in March. However, the flop result of Balakrishna, Boyapati’s previous films and elections in Andhra Pradesh caused delay. As is known, Boyapati directed TDP ads.

Many thought, the film would be launched right after the elections. But, much to the surprise of Boyapati and movie buffs, Balakrishna announced his next with KS Ravikumar. What was the reason behind Balakrishna postponing his film with Boyapati?

NTR Biopic failure was a big shock for Balakrishna who pinned many hopes on it. He planned to produce Boyapati’s film as well. But, he backed out with the debacle result of NTR Biopic. Moreover, Boyapati asked high budget for the film. No producer was ready to invest such big money on Balakrishna and Boyapati.

It is learnt that, Balakrishna asked Boyapati to come up with other story which should require moderate budget. Balayya also told Boyapati that he will work with him only next year.

Meanwhile, Boyapati is said to have approached few young heroes with another story. Although, few of them are keen to work with Boyapati, they after listening to the story said no because of routine stuff. Moreover, Boyapati wants to make the film on high budget.

If Boyapati will not come up with a moderate budget film with a pleasing story, even Balakrishna will not show any interest to team up with him!





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