Granny On Kiara's Orgasm Scene

Kiara on Orgasm scene and botox treatment

Kiara Advani who stole the hearts of all romancing Mahesh Babu in Bharat Ane Nenu and Ram Charan in Vinaya Vidheya Rama is also known for stunningly bold scenes. Her orgasm scene in Lust Stories left all shocked.

Kiara revealed her grandmother's reaction on watching the scene. She said, "My grandmother had come to stay with me, and the film had just released on Netflix. Of course, I had seen it and my parents had seen it. Everyone loved it and all of that". She stated her parents were unfazed by the orgasm scene. She revealed, "They knew everything when I had said yes to the film. So, they were informed. I prepared them."

She said her granny is Anglo Indian and so she had difficulty in understanding few dialogues. Kiara continued, "She's part British, so there were certain jokes that she didn't understand. She was reading it with the subtitles. Everyone else was laughing, there were a lot of reactions of the people watching. When my grandmother was watching it, she was watching it with a straight face, like deadpan."

Kiara sys since her grandmother was expressionless, she decided to explain it. She said, "I was like, 'Grandma, you do understand what happened?' Also, she didn't get the context to the Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... I asked, 'You get the context, right? Like, she has had this moment and an orgasm in front of the entire family.' She's like, 'Well, in front of the whole world now.' And I was shocked. Oh God!"

Kiara triggered rumors about botox treatment. She said, "I remember it was Monisha Jaising and Shweta Nanda's clothing line launch. I dressed up and I did my own make-up, as I thought I am good at it. But maybe I did a bit too much that day. In all the pictures that came out, I had these two dollops on my cheeks. I do have high cheek bones, so I guess that's what it was. Or maybe it was the highlighter.

When I was looking at it, I felt really bad. I did my own make-up, so damn, they hated it! I also thought that's so mean. Honestly, I almost believed that some sh*t happened to my face and something has changed. Then, I was like, maybe I have put on a little bit of weight or it was probably just the make-up or whatever."





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