Naidu Meets Ramoji & Ravi Prakash: Wasted Public Money

CBN Meets Ramoji for Ravi Prakash!

"In spite of being on the verge of losing his power, Chandrababu Naidu hasn't given up his extravagant practice," alleges a political observer. According to a speculation, CBN flew to Hyderabad from Amaravati right away, after receiving an urgent call from media baron Ramoji Rao. 

Reportedly, CBN travelled alone wasting public money to meet Ramoji Rao secretly.

Ramoji is said to have received CBN at Ramoji Film City. former TV 9 CEO Ravi Prakash, ABN Radhakrishna, comedian Shivaji, BR Naidu and Sambasiva Rao reportedly took part in the most confidential meet. Needless to say, the crucial meet was intended to brainstorm some measures to get Ravi prakash bailed out of his problems. 

As we know, Ravi Prakash has escaped from police on forgery case. 

Meanwhile, AP people are fuming at CBN for misusing public money to save a criminal.