Dil Raju Isolates His Partners

Maharshi Success Celebrations: PVP, Ashwini Dutt Not Invited

Maharshi is the highest budgeted film in super star Mahesh Babu’s career. In fact, the 25th film of Mahesh Babu had done highest pre-release business in the actor’s career. Thankfully, Maharshi is doing good business at box office in Telugu States. While makers are pretty confident of the film to recover full investment, it needs to continue to rake big numbers in coming days as well.

It is known that, Dil Raju is not the sole producer for Maharshi. The film was co-produced by Ashwini Dutt and PVP. Though they had sold out their shares to Dil Raju, Ashwini Dutt and PVP should be treated as co-producers. But, both are not getting the due respect, it seems.

Although both Ashwini Dutt and PVP were invited for Maharshi pre-release function, they are isolated completely after the film’s release. They are seen nowhere in any success celebrations, though Ashwini Dutt attended recently held success meet. PVP, on the other hand, has cut his relation with Maharshi completely.

From past few days, the team is continuously celebrating the film’s success which is attended by core team and their family members. It is unclear whether Ashwini Dutt and PVP were not invited or the duo didn’t show interest to make their presence. But, they are not seen at any success bash.

Maharshi will celebrate another success meet in Vijayawada. It has to be seen whether Ashwini Dutt and PVP will get any invitation!





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